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Dry Plants


My work with herbs is intimately connected with my story. This makes my practice as a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist very personal. I believe that everyone has their own unique life story and I am curious how herbs help convey it. Through helping you identify your herbal allies, find your personal nutritional balance, and define a healthy lifestyle that works for you, I hope to offer assistance on the path of writing your own life story. I encourage and warmly welcome the diversity that comes from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds into my herbal consultations. I am here to assist you on your healing path toward reaching any health goal.  

I am a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist with over 10 years of clinical training, study, and practice.

Herbs and Minerals

I approach herbalism with a background from the Wise Woman Tradition and extensive training in the Vitalist Tradition. Growing up, I would constantly inquire: ‘What can I do that is Natural?’ and ‘What is the root cause of why I am experiencing this symptom?’ Receiving few answers from Modern Western Medicine that rang true to me, I journeyed on to discover them for myself. An avid traveler, I first realized my passion for Herbalism and preserving traditional knowledge of medicine while living in the Northern Andes of Carhuaz, Peru as a participant researcher for the Center for Social Well-Being. After receiving my BA in Sociocultural Anthropology and Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, I broadened my horizons to learn how to apply my knowledge to the plants and then the people. My devotion led me to work with and deepen my study of the plants of the Mountain West, learning their roots in physiomedicalism and native traditions at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, Colorado. I currently live in Austin, TX and offer all consultations virtually.

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Heather is a patient, compassionate, and intuitive healer who has an incredible ability to make you feel safe, loved, and supported at all stages of your healing journey. She brings warmth and dedication to every session. I am beyond grateful to have her as an ally on my path to greater health of body, mind, and spirit.

          ~ Danielle, Colorado

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