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My Method

So what exactly does it mean to come in for an herbal consultation? What should you expect on your first visit? Every herbalist practices a bit differently and has their own unique approach. My method is focused on supporting your own inherent Vitality. Rather than dampening our life force by suppressing symptoms, like many other practitioners, I pay close attention to all symptoms and observe changes in patterns over time.

In my Clinical practice, I focus on providing holistic care which looks at the whole body and its patterns and symptoms while exploring one's health history in depth. I like to conduct the most thorough, personalized research possible for each client and their unique health picture. Unlike a typical medical practitioner's office visit, where you usually have 15 minutes maximum to tell your entire present health picture, I encourage clients to come in for longer sessions so that we can uncover all of the roots behind their health picture.  

The core of my training in Herbalism and Nutrition lies in the Vitalist Tradition. The Vitalism practitioner is NOT the healer: the "Vital Force" in your body is. The practitioner is here to support the body’s own inherent wisdom to heal itself. Since the key foundation in Vitalism is support, the practitioner’s line of work is focused twofold around the communication between body systems:     

  1. To understand what is going on in the body

  2. To work with what the body is trying to do already


Learn more about Vitalism in my post here.

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