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Herbal + Nutritional Wellness Consulations


  • Customized Herbal & Flower Essence formulas

  • Nutrition counseling & personalized meal plans 

  • Meal-prep coaching & recipes

  • In-depth review of symptoms, patterns, and health history

  • Supplement recommendations & protocol

  • Vitalist & Wellness Practices


Your first Initial Consultation will be the most in-depth and longest session we will have together. In this session, we will cover all of your present symptoms in-depth, your health history, your current and/or recent medications and supplements, and your diet and nutrition. Unless there is an acute issue that needs immediate formulation, I will conduct detailed research on your case over the next 2-3 days, then create a personalized protocol including herbal formulations, dietary suggestions, and other health recommendations.

Virtual Appointments

Currently offering virtual appointments via Zoom or Phone.

STARTER PACKAGE: 1 Initial Consultation + 2 Follow-up Consultations

10% off

3-SET PACKAGE: 3 Follow-up Consultations

10% off

5-SET PACKAGE: 5 Follow-up Consultations

15% off

10-SET PACKAGE: 10 Follow-up Consultations

20% off

DEEP HEALING PACKAGE: 1 Initial Consultation + 5 Follow-up Consultations

15% off


I worked with Heather for about a year and my experience was very positive. She is a very attentive person and helped me with many aspects of my health. Some of the things we worked on together include nutrition, reproductive cycle wellness, stress and anxiety management, and emotional support with flower essences. I recommend Heather to anyone who wants to feel better and live a happier life!

  ~Michelle, Colorado              

Workshops & Classes

Looking for a hands-on workshop or holistic health-focused class taught in your space? I am available to teach and lead workshops and classes for groups of all sizes, in public or private settings, in-person or virtual.


Contact me directly for all inquiries.

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