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Virtual Appointments

Currently offering virtual appointments only via Zoom or Phone.

Service Menu

15-Minute Introductory Phone Consultation

Find out if I am the right practitioner for you and learn more about what I can offer you



Initial Consultation

New clients only

Deep support drawing from herbs, nutrition, Vitalist practices, coaching, and more (2-6 hours of specific client-based research conducted after each session)

60 minutes - $250 + the cost of herbs

Follow-Up Consultation

Returning clients only 

60 minutes - $150 + the cost of herbs

Custom Meal Plan + Meal Prep Assistance

Prices vary. Inquire below for more information.

Wellness Packages

STARTER PACKAGE: 1 Initial Consultation + 2 Follow-up Consultations -- 10% off

3-SET PACKAGE: 3 Follow-up Consultations -- 10% off

5-SET PACKAGE: 5 Follow-up Consultations -- 15% off

DEEP HEALING PACKAGE: 1 Initial Consultation + 5 Follow-up Consultations -- 15% off

Custom Herbal Formulations


Prices vary. Inquire below for more information.

 Seeking guidance on your wellness journey can certainly be a vulnerable experience and I think it is so important to find an ally that meets you where you're at. Heather is a phenomenal health practitioner for many reasons, but her ability to drop in, understand what you're looking for, and craft a plan based on what feels manageable for you takes so much of the pressure off, creating space for true healing. It's not all or nothing. She ensures your time together is whatever you need it to be. In addition to her flexibility, Heather moves through her work with a calming presence, logical and detail oriented mind, and a deep connection to her intuition. I strongly recommend working alongside this true healer.

~Marissa, Colorado

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