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Vitalism 101

What is Vitalism?

Vitalism is a methodology of healing that honors the body’s own living intelligence. This implies trusting and observing its ability to respond both energetically and physically to different stimuli and situations, and supporting its inherent power to heal. Vitalism is built around the principle that the power of healing comes from Life and Nature, otherwise known as the “Vital Force” or “Life Power.” Therefore, the focus is directed toward using supportive instead of suppressive therapies. In Vitalism, it is natural for life to go through phases of stability and transitional crises in order to gain even higher vital force. This is a mode of expression of the Vital Force. Through maintaining regular practice of the Vitalist therapeutics, one can build up their Vital Reserve. This source is drawn from in times of deep crisis when the body needs even more energy to regain health again.


Did you know...

The practice of Vitalism has ancient roots from all over the world!

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • Unani Tibb/Greek

  • Ayurveda

  • Western/Physiomedicalism

  • Egyptian/Mesopotamian


What Does the Vitalist Practitioner Do?

The Vitalism practitioner is NOT the healer: the Vital Force in your body is. The practitioner is here to support the body’s own wisdom to heal itself. Since the key foundation in Vitalism is support, the practitioner’s line of work is focused twofold around the communication between body systems:

1) To understand what is going on in the body

2) To work with what the body is already trying to do

In Vitalism, it is believed that each person carries their own temperament, energy and constitution. The Vitalist practitioner uses the 4 humors or energetics (warm/hot, cool/cold, moist, and dry) to gain insight on the individual’s condition and how to help re-balance their system overall.

Vitalist Therapeutics and Practices

Vitalist practices are powerful tools to invigorate the Vital Force within. Here is a list of some of the therapeutics you can use daily:

-Water (cold for lymph stimulation) -Nutrition and Diet

-Stretching/Relaxing -Time in Nature

-Breathing -Flower Essences

-Positive Mental Affirmations -Meditation

-Prayer -Activity and Exercise

-Sleep -Counseling

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