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Learn how to stop the constant cycle of "fight or flight" and step into a place of ease + personal power when stressors come your way.

The Sacred Pause is an intimate 4-week online nervous system reset   designed to give you the guidance and natural, herbal tools so you can find calm in the chaos.

Feeling overwhelmed with stress + anxiety?

Looking for natural solutions but feel like you're too busy?

Let your body take a deep exhale and discover how herbs can help you practice "The Sacred Pause" throughout your busy life.

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This course is for you if:

  • You feel wired + tired or "burnt-out"

  • You struggle with stress and/or anxiety.

  • You want to find balance using herbs and natural methods.

  • You need to do something that can be easily integrated into your daily life.

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In this course you will receive:

  • The Sacred Pause course bundle mailed to your home:  5 herbal extracts, 1 herbal tea blend, 1 altar object, 1  journal ($130 value)

  • 4 live, weekly 1-hour collective group calls - online via Zoom

  • Weekly course content + education incorporating writing, audio, and video to learn how to use herbalism + holistic methods to achieve lasting calm + balance.

  • Unlimited email support throughout the 4-week course.

  • Discounted 40% off a private, 1-hour herbal wellness consultation with Heather (optional, scheduled separately; $250 value)

In this course you will receive:

In this course you will receive:

In this course you will receive:

In this course you will receive:

In this course you will receive:


Rates of anxiety and stress have increased an estimated 25% in the past year alone.


If you feel like you're a part of this statistic, let me help you flatten the curve.

The Sacred Pause Course Design


Week 1: Earth // Understanding - In this week we unearth how stress + anxiety manifest in the physical body and the nervous system. We learn what we can do to regain balance from the root and what tools we can use in the moment to find calm. Our herbal focus is Ashwagandha root and Lavender flower. 

Week 2: Water // Processing - In this week we dive into the subconscious and learn about the mental + emotional layers guiding how we experience stress + anxiety. We discover how we can reprogram our thought patterns to become more responsive to stressors instead of reactive. Our herbal focus is Motherwort.

Week 3: Fire // Personal Action - In this week we uncover how stress + anxiety impacts the connection we have to our spiritual center, our soul. We learn how we can reignite that deeper connection within and without. Our herbal focus is Albizia.

Week 4: Air // Embodiment - In this week we weave the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components involved in balancing stress + anxiety together. We learn how to integrate all of these elements seamlessly into our everyday lives so we can handle stressors with grace + ease. Our herbal focus is Milky Oats.


Ready to

dive in?


"Heather is a patient, compassionate, and intuitive healer who has an incredible ability to make you feel safe, loved, and supported at all stages of your healing journey. She brings warmth and dedication to every session. I am beyond grateful to have her as an ally on my path to greater health of body, mind, and spirit."
-- Danielle (Colorado, USA)
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